[RPG]1993 - The Elder Scrolls: Arena

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[RPG]1993 - The Elder Scrolls: Arena

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Primul joc al seriei Elder Scrolls. Un joc care a avut mult succes la amatorii de RPG-uri si care a deschis, spre bucuria multa seria mentionata mai sus. Un joc simpatic, vechi, dar merita sa il incecati mai ales ca e gratuit si il puteti downlada de pe site-ul lor oficial.

The beginning and best-defined example of non-linear addiction. Arena represents the first chapter in the Elder Scrolls series. Arena allows for full character generation, the option to play with 18 unique character classes, wield over 2,500 magical items, while traipsing through over 400 cities, towns, and villages. Arena earned several honors from every major media outlet for its amazing non-linear approach and degree of gameplay depth.

"The Elder Scrolls: Arena will have die-hard fans of computer role-playing games chomping at the bit, but beginners beware. With a huge world to explore, a 360-degree screen view and an almost infinite variety of characters, Arena offers one of the genre's biggest challenges."

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